Dr. Peter Siemund

Professor of English Linguistics

Ongoing PhD Theses

Tuğba Elif Toprak-Yıldız (PhD Dissertation)
The Acquisition of English as as Additional Language (L3) in the German Context: A Longitudinal Study.

Yevheniia Hasai (PhD Dissertation)
Lexical Cross-Linguistic Transfer in a Longitudinal Learner Corpus.

Aikaterina Koufopoulou (PhD Dissertation)
Cross-linguistic Influence in the Processing of Ditransitive Constructions and Pronominals in English Learner Varieties.

Completed PhD Theses

Özge Öztürk (PhD Dissertation, 2022)
Studying the Linguistic Ecology of Turkey: A Comparison of University and Post-Secondary Vocational School Students.

Stefanie Schröter (PhD Dissertation, 2022)
Demonstrative Pronouns in Third Language Acquisition.

Lijun Li (PhD Dissertation, 2021)
Language Contact: A Historical Sociolinguistic Reconstruction of Colloquial Singapore English in Relation to its Chinese Substrates.

Katrin Feindt (PhD Dissertation, 2021)
English as L3: Phonological Cross-Linguistic Influence in Turkish-German Bilinguals.

Eliane Lorenz (PhD Dissertation, 2019)
The Use of Tense and Aspect in the Additional Language English by Monolingual Speakers and Bilingual Heritage Speakers.

Yasemin Sahingöz (PhD Dissertation, 2015)
Schulische Mehrsprachigkeit bei türkisch-deutschen bilingualen Schülern: Erwerb und Auswirkungen.

Florian Dolberg (PhD Dissertation, 2015)
Gender Variation, Change, and Loss in Mediaeval English: Evidence from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, appeared as Agreement in Language Contact. Gender Development in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 2019. Studies in Language Companion Series 208.

Georg Maier (PhD Dissertation, 2013)
Pronoun Case across Varieties of English.

Micah Corum (PhD Dissertation, 2012)
Locative Predication in Nigerian Pidgin and Ghanaian Pidgin English, appeared as
Substrate and Adstrate. The Origins of Spatial Semantics in West African Pidgincreoles. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2015.

Martin Schweinberger (PhD Dissertation, 2011)
The Discourse Marker LIKE: A Corpus-Based Analysis of Selected Varieties of English.

Lukas Pietsch (Habilitation, 2010)
English in Ireland: Grammar in Language Contact. (Habilitation)

Julia Davydova (PhD Dissertation, 2009)
The Present Perfect: A Corpus-Based Study of Variation across Non-native Englishes, appeared as
The Present Perfect in Non-Native Englishes: A Corpus-Based Study of Variation. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2011. Topics in English Linguistics 77.

Alexander Haselow (PhD Dissertation, 2008)
From Syntheticity to Analyticity: The Typological Change of the Encoding Strategy of Lexical Information in English. A Corpus-based Study of Nominal Derivational Suffixes in Old English and early Middle English, appeared as
Typological Changes in the Lexicon: Analytic Tendencies in English Noun Formation. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2011. Topics in English Linguistics 72.